Meet the Game Dogs - Jennifer and Bob

| 13 Jan 2010 11:30

For those of you posting on our forums regarding the past announcements from Electro Software Human Resources Confidential Personnel Files, Gary, the manager of the Electro Games Division, had read some of the forum comments and has some of his own responses for you.

From the Executive Producer of Zero Punctuation and the publisher of The Escapist comes Game Dogs, The Escapist's newest animated series. Featuring the voice talents of Jon Etheridge, Tony Schnur and Alena Koch, Game Dogs is the story of Roger and Chet, two dogs on a mission to make a career out of making games - or get fired trying. Game Dogs premieres Thursday, January 14th only at The Escapist. Watch the Game Dogs trailer below and check out the details on Jennifer and Bob. To watch the trailer click here !


Electro Software Human Resources Confidential Personnel File
Employee Number: 13,568
Name: Jennifer
Position: Personnel Coordinator
Department: Human Resources
Supervisor: Maxine

Comments: Jennifer is a star employee. She has, like, no faults. She is totally perfect in every way.

She shows up to work every day on time and has never broken a single rule in the Electro Software Employee Handbook. Especially not Section 5, Chapter 20, Paragraph 69 which expressly forbids employee romance. If she had, however, it would definitely not been with Chet, who is, like, a lying liar. And also a creep.


Electro Software Human Resources Confidential Personnel File
Employee Number: 9,582
Name: Bob
Position: Button Coder
Department: Accounting Software
Supervisor: TBA

Comments: Bob is routinely the most productive employee in Accounting Software, regularly exceeding quotas to the repeated satisfaction of his supervisors.

Bob has no entries in his Official Permanent Record.

Bob has requested that this report reflect that the fact that he has no entries in his permanent record qualifies him for the year-end "Most Valuable Employee" drawing, as per The Electro Software Employee Handbook, Section 85, Chapter 3, Paragraph 8.

Remember to come back tomorrow for the launch of The Escapist's new series, Game Dogs! In case you missed the Electro Software Human Resources Confidential Personnel Files for the rest of the cast, click here to read about Chet and Roger, or click here to read up on Gary and Bethany.

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