Is EA Sports Reconsidering Tiger Woods?

| 13 Jan 2010 13:20

Despite making a show of standing by Tiger Woods during his time of troubles, a new online poll indicates that Electronic Arts might not be entirely confident of its relationship with the troubled golfer after all.

Poor Tiger Woods. When his inability to keep it in his pants became front page news, it destroyed not only his reputation and his marriage but also his relationship with most of his corporate sponsors, who are faced with literally billions of dollars in lost wealth as a result of his horndoggin'. And now it looks like one of the few corporate partners that made a public show of sticking with him is starting to have second thoughts about it.

EA Sports President Peter Moore said last week that despite Woods' "mistakes off the course," he remains one of the greatest golfers in the world and that's what the company thinks is most important. "[Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online is] a game that all of us at EA Sports are proud to be delivering this month to sports fans around the globe," he said.

But things change, sometimes pretty quickly, and now a third-party poll hosted by Greenfield Online hints that EA could be reconsidering. It begins by asking some general questions about sports videogames but then drops two rather specific doozies:

EA Sports makes a Tiger Woods video game. Has the controversy made your impressions of EA Sports more or less favorable, or has it had no impact?

Has the controversy made you more or less likely to buy a Tiger Woods related video game in the future?

With Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online going into open beta later this month, Moore had virtually no choice but to put on a brave face and stand by his man. But it's quite possible that for the long term, EA is at least thinking about cutting its losses. It may not mean anything, but under the circumstances, it's not looking too good for Tiger.

Source: Kotaku

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