Sony Announces "torne", TV Tuner/DVR for PS3

| 14 Jan 2010 15:04

Coming in March to the Japan region only, the torne will allow you to watch and record HD TV through your PS3.

Sony announced that the torne (yes, it's in lowercase and yes that's obnoxious) will retail for ¥9,980, which is equivalent to US$108.78. After installing the TV software through a Blu-ray disc provided with the torne, you will be able to browse TV schedules and record shows in full HD video. You can then save the shows on the PS3's hard drive or a peripheral hard drive connected via USB. You will be able to play games and record video at the same time, but there is no information on how many shows you can record simultaneously (typical settop DVRs have two tuners so you can watch one show while another show is recording.)

Continuing Sony's party line on connectivity between its products, the new device has some interesting integration with a PSP or PSP Go. If you connect the PSP via USB, you can transfer recorded shows to your portable device. Doing this will automatically convert the video source to your PSP's native resolution. You can store the converted show onto a Memory Stick Duo or onto the PSP Go's internal memory. The PSP can also remotely control your DVR so you can set it to record shows when you're away from home.

With the software, you'll also be able to view the web and check stats like how many people have recorded which shows, etc. The only thing the torne can't do is wash your hands, as the kitchen sink feature apparently didn't make it in to its final feature list.

The torne will only available in Japan and there is no word on whether they'll be releasing a version for other markets. The torne is different from the PlayTV, which is Sony's DVR addon for the European market.

Apparently, Sony hates North American TV. You heard it hear first.

Source: Andria Sang

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