Microsoft: Halo: Reach Will Be Biggest Game of 2010

| 15 Jan 2010 12:40

A Microsoft executive claimed that Halo Reach could be the biggest game of 2010 across all platforms, planetary systems and temporal dimensions.

Stephen McGill, the director of marketing for the Xbox, said that Halo Reach could outsell God Of War III and "Call Of Duty 7." Without a hint of hyperbole, McGill told CVG that he expects the game to bring new players to the franchise by taking the Halo universe to an "entirely new level."

"Our hope for Halo: Reach is to be the biggest title of 2010 not only for Xbox, but across all platforms - a forecast which has been mirrored by industry professionals," said McGill, without citing exactly which industry professionals. He went on:

Halo: Reach takes the legacy of Halo's rich multiplayer gameplay to an entirely new level, delivering experiences that we think old and new players alike will enjoy for years to come. The Halo franchise is an entertainment phenomenon comprised of best-selling novels, collectibles, industry acclaimed anime and genre-defining games that have already sold more than 30 million units worldwide.

While I don't think it's impossible for Halo Reach to move a lot of units, I think the game will be hard-pressed to make more than the franchise whose last installment made over $1 billion, especially if it's only coming out on one console.

There may be some Kool-Aid a-brewing in Redmond.

Source: CVG

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