Sony Sells 3 Million PS3s in UK

| 23 Jan 2010 13:32

Sony's PlayStation 3 has sold over three million units in the UK, marking a massive sales jump in the last few months.

Back in July, the PS3 had sold 2.2 million units in the UK, but in the six months that have followed, Sony has managed to sell a further 800,000 consoles, bringing its total sales up to 3 million.

It seems likely that the release of the PS3 Slim in September - which was accompanied by a price cut - is responsible for a significant portion of the sales, which means that Autumn and the Christmas period saw some pretty significant movement of consoles.

The PS3 still has plenty of ground to make up though, as back in July, the Xbox 360 had sold 3.9 million units, and despite the price cut, the Elite version of the 360 was still slightly cheaper than the PS3 Slim.

According to Sony's own data, the PS3 has now sold 27 million units worldwide, which still puts it behind the 360 and Wii, but Sony have repeatedly stated that it is taking a long-term, ten-year, view with the machine, and with six years left in the plan, these relatively early hurdles may not be all that much of a concern for the company.

Source: Eurogamer

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