Capcom Dates Super SF4, Lost Planet 2, Dead Rising 2

| 26 Jan 2010 11:01

As part of its "Capcom x Microsoft" bonanza, the major Japanese publisher set down hard dates for Super Street Fighter IV and Lost Planet 2, as well as a more nebulous one for Dead Rising 2.

Back in December, Capcom announced that it would be delaying some of its big-name titles to avoid an unusually overcrowded post-holiday season - Super Street Fighter IV, Lost Planet 2, and Monster Hunter Tri were all pushed back to "Fiscal 2010" (as in, April 2010 - March 2011).

Now, two of those titles have confirmed release dates, thanks to the plethora of (somewhat) Microsoft-related announcements that had been teased last week. Lost Planet 2 will be hitting stores worldwide for PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 18th, and Super Street Fighter will be preceding it at the tail end of April: April 27th in North America, and April 30th in the UK and Europe.

Capcom also confirmed that anticipated casino-based zombie slaughter-fest Dead Rising 2 (having been off the radar since Keiji Inafune's preview event at the Tokyo Game Show) will be coming out in this calendar year. As in, the regular year, not that crazy fiscal year bullcrap. So, my gut instinct is to start looking for that one after summer - September-ish, perhaps? Who knows?

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