Game Dogs: Why They're Dogs

| 27 Jan 2010 16:36

Ever wonder how Game Dogs came to be? Ever wonder why they were, in fact, dogs? Find out the answers to those questions and more!

In case you weren't aware, earlier this month we here at Chez Escape launched our latest animated series, Game Dogs, a homage to the 80s many of us grew up in: A world where young programmers could make a breakaway hit game in their bedroom, and a world where all of our Saturday morning cartoons starred anthropomorphic animals.

Alena Koch - who provides the voices for the characters Bethany and Jennifer - sat down with the show's creator (and Escapist Editor-in-Chief) Russ Pitts to talk about where the show was coming from.

The original direction, says Russ, was simply to "make something," and the very first concept was very different than the end product. "I'd planned it as a sort of mocu-drama / 'Mad Men' type of show, set in the 1980s. It was also originally going to be people, not dogs. It was going to be very moody and hip, and I'm certain it would have totally bombed."

The show concept eventually turned into a comedy a la Seinfeld, but still set in the 80s, and still with a cartoonish, hand-drawn, Scooby-Doo feel. The general concepts were in place - it would be about Chet and Roger trying to make games - but, says Russ, it was lacking a spark to tie it together.

I wrote some scripts in March and it seemed to be coming together, but we were missing the spark that a good series really needs. That one thing that make the show memorable. None of us could put our fingers on it until our CEO, Alexander Macris came running out of his office one day shouting "They're dogs! Who make games!" I laughed until I realized he was serious. Then I laughed some more. Then I stopped laughing. It was so ridiculous and pointless, I knew it just had to work. Why make them dogs? Well, why not? So that became the mantra of the show and the genesis of what, I think, took it from a goofy, but forgettable little show concept to something that had a real life and energy. From that point on we were all focused on the concept and it came together fairly quickly.

To find out whether the dogs' asshole boss Gary would wear boxers or briefs (if he wore pants, anyway) and the answers to what Russ' favorite D&D class is and the single geekiest thing he's ever done (as well as others), head over to the full interview over at Social Media Madam.

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