CD Projekt Suspends They to Focus on Witcher 2

| 28 Jan 2010 16:19

CD Projekt has revealed that They, the near-future FPS scheduled for release later this year, has been suspended so that the company can focus all its resources on the development of the sequel to The Witcher.

Set in the year 2012, They finds the city of London being hammered by terrorist attacks in the lead-up to the Olympic games. Things get worse, however, when alien robots invade and start causing real trouble. But then it turns out that the robots are actually being manipulated by something called "Phantoms." Sadly, in spite of the obvious awesomeness of the whole thing, the project has been put on the back burner, albeit for a very good cause.

"Unfortunately due to [the] tough economy we had to put They on hold, as we have decided to allocate all resources to the next Witcher game in production," CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwinski said in an interview with Big Download. "The Metropolis team [that was developing They] is working together with CD Projekt RED to make sure we deliver an outstanding Witcher experience to our fans. Having said that, we have by far not buried They, and we would really like to return to it."

"Witcher 2? Hmm. Are we working on such a game?" Iwinski joked about the game that hasn't yet actually been unveiled to the public. "It wasn't officially announced, but as the leaked video on YouTube was seen by over 600k people, I can't even pretend it's a secret. The production is going really well and we should have quite a few important announcements this March. We are preparing a proper launch backed up with a lot of materials and we should be able to talk about our publishing partners, as well. The game should be absolutely amazing."

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