Is 'Needlemouse' Sonic 4?

| 31 Jan 2010 15:02

Sega has allegedly registered the domain name, could this mean that Project Needlemouse will be a return to the series of old?

Internet detectives have dug up details that Brandon Laurino, Sega's Community and Online Director, has registered the domain, which points you to the Sega homepage when visited, suggesting that the new Sonic game will a continuation of the classic Genesis Sonic games, rather than of the more recent 3D iterations.

It's something of a running joke that any new Sonic the Hedgehog game will be dreadful, and while longtime fans will disagree with exactly where the series lost its way, the consensus is that it was definitely better when it was 2D. With Project Needlemouse being confirmed as a Sonic-only zone, and definitely not anything to do with Pikachu in a sombrero, hopes are again high that this will be the game that redeems the series.

While this and the comments from Sega itself, do foster hope that Needlemouse will be drawing its cues from the classic Sonic game; it could be just a case of Sega registering the name so that no one else could and Needlemouse might end up being called something completely different. 'Sonic Unpacked' maybe, or perhaps 'Sonic the Haha, Fooled You, Amy's the Main Character and Shadow is Helping' ?

Ok, probably not either of those.

Source: Go Nintendo

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