Analyst: Xbox 360 Set to Dominate 2010

| 2 Feb 2010 17:54

A British games industry marketer claimed that the Xbox 360 platform is "set to dominate" the industry going forward.

Bruce Everiss has been around the block. In the 80s, he was the chief marketer at the startup of both Imagine and Codemasters, two of the biggest game-makers in the U.K. Everiss now writes at Bruce on Games and when he is not fighting defamation lawsuits from Evony, he discussed how he believes that Microsoft's Xbox 360 is primed to be the premier console in the games industry going forward because of their exclusives and Project Natal.

Everiss points out Microsoft's profits reports from Q4 '09, saying that the 360 was 3 times more profitable than 2008. "The increase comes from Moore's law bringing down hardware manufacturing costs and from the ever increasing user base buying proportionately more software and Live services, which are a lot more profitable than hardware."

He also points to the game library on the Xbox 360, stating that recent videogame hits were huge for the console:

The Xbox 360 also currently heads the game sales chart with Mass Effect 2 and are by far the most popular platform for the monster hit that is Modern Warfare 2. This presages a year in which there will be a succession of huge titles that are not available on the other consoles. For any game enthusiast these make owning a 360 essential, even if it is in addition to owning other consoles.

Everiss predicts that Natal will make a big splash. "Microsoft expects to sell several million [Natal] units in the '10 holiday season and so there is impressive game support coming from publishers. Pretty soon around half of all 360 owners will probably buy Natal and they will want Natal enabled games to play on it. Expect a surge in more family friendly titles, which will take the 360 to new demographics, further enhancing its success."

While Bruce is entitled to his opinion, comments on the post seem to point out the shameless praise that Everiss heaps on the Xbox 360 console.

"Ack! I had so much faith in you until this article. It just seems to scream 'I'm being paid by Microsoft'," said Dave S.

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