PAX East Exhibitors Announced, Over 60,000 to Attend

| 2 Feb 2010 19:01

As if we didn't already know, the very first Penny Arcade Expo to hit the east coast will be massive, and its exhibitors and concerts have only just been revealed.

No, seriously, we're not kidding, it's time to get your PAX East passes if you have any desire to attend the event, taking place from March 26-28 in Boston, Massachusetts. Robert Khoo, Director of Business Development at Penny Arcade, has told Joystiq that he's "looking at more attendees than the last PAX in Seattle," which was completely sold out and stuffed with 60,750 people. Organizers are expected to make an announcement soon that the show has less than 1,000 badges left, I guess unless it sells out before that.

So, get on it! People that work for The Escapist may even be sneaking around the convention floor! You like The Escapist don't you? Of course you do! Or don't get on it, and leave more elbow room for us, we don't care. Just kidding, at least one of us cares, probably.

Not that anybody really needs to be persuaded to register anymore, but the event's concerts and major exhibitors have just been released. PAX East will feature the following musicians, many making reappearances from PAX 09: Anamanaguchi, Jonathan Coulton, MC Frontalot, Metroid Metal, Paul and Storm, Protomen, and The Video Game Orchestra.

Exhibitors will include 2K Games, Dell, EA, Harmonix, Microsoft, Nintendo, NVIDIA, Rockstar Games, Sega, The Behemoth (with this game possibly on display?), Turbine, Twisted Pixel Games, Ubisoft, and Wizards of the Coast. If this bunch of wacky companies doesn't bring some cool stuff to PAX East, I'll eat my ten-gallon hat. A bunch of great games are scheduled to come out in the first half of this year, and I hope they're properly represented. I'm pumped up to a preposterous level of extreme absolute maximum for PAX East, are you?

To get a badge, visit the PAX East website.

Sources: Joystiq + VGGen

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