ARG Gives Early Access to Heavy Rain Demo

| 5 Feb 2010 18:59

The skies aren't scheduled to darken for Heavy Rain until later this month, but solving Sony's alternate reality game could make it happen early.

Heavy Rain has already gone gold and is off to the presses, with a demo announced for release on February 11. Nevertheless, Sony has offered an opportunity to get an early, early taste with its Heavy Rain alternate reality game, which when completed offers a code to download the Heavy Rain demo right now.

The ARG takes place on a map covering a corkboard, the kind you might see in any investigator's office (or on the TV show Flash Forward). Properly solving the game's mystery involves submitting the four correct pieces of evidence. Clicking on various parts of the board will bring up objects, or random Facebook pages.

Unfortunately, the demo appears to be available only to PlayStation 3 owners from Europe, as the code I received was not valid for my North American PlayStation Network account. However, it was valid in an acquaintance's European account.

The ARG's website was overloaded for most of the day, but seems to be functioning again. You might want to reload the game if the pins don't show up on your board, or if there is a lot of gray. This is what happened the first time for me, making the game completely confusing, forcing me to take off my Sherlock Holmes hat and cheat.

The answers to the ARG are already well known, so I might as well be a pal and share them here too (via Kotaku). If you want to play the ARG legitimately, don't read what's in the following spoiler tag:

Yes, I've played the demo, and I don't want to spoil anything, but it was pretty shocking that the Origami Killer is...

(Via: Kotaku)

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