Star Trek Online Reaches One Million Accounts

| 7 Feb 2010 14:42

Cryptic Studios, creator of Star Trek Online has announced that the game has one million active accounts.

Star Trek Online generated a lot of buzz before its release, and when our own Greg Tito gave the beta a go, he came away with a pretty positive impression. Now, only a few days after its release, Cryptic Studios has announced that STO has already reached a million active accounts.

"After much anticipation, we are pleased to present Star Trek Online to fans and gamers nationwide," said Atari CEO Jeff Lapin. "We expect Star Trek Online to give fans and gamers an unprecedented Star Trek experience."

A million accounts sounds impressive, but it opens the announcement up to all kinds of speculation. Does that include accounts for the beta and the forums? What exactly does active mean? Why announce the number of accounts at all, when players is what really matter? The most likely situation, at least to me, is that a million accounts is a big, impressive sounding milestone that Cryptic felt would make for some good PR, rather than a deliberate subterfuge to make the game sound busier than it is.

Besides, a million accounts is still an impressive amount, and even though first month success is no indicator of longevity - just ask Age of Conan - the Star Trek IP might be enough to keep the game going strong.

Source: Massively

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