Street Fighter IV Valentine's Cards Are Simply Super

| 13 Feb 2010 11:53

Did Valentine's Day slip your mind this year? Well don't worry, Capcom has your back!

With Valentine's Day on the horizon (it's tomorrow, just so you know), you might find yourself in need of a card at very short notice, maybe something you can print out while you nip out and grab some flowers from a gas station, you hopeless romantic you. Well, Capcom can't help you with the flowers, but for pseudo-romantic cards you can print? Capcom has you covered.

The seven cards, which can be seen here, come with a Valentine's message, illustrated by various characters from Super Street Fighter IV, and are the perfect gift for a gaming significant other, or a non-gaming SO with a sense of humor. You might need to cross out Capcom and put your name on them though, just FYI.

Source: Capcom Unity Blog

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