Street Fighter IV Faithfully Coming to iPhone

| 15 Feb 2010 21:29

Apple's little powerhouse of a smart phone is going to be graced by the world's greatest super turbo hyper-fighting challengers.

IGN has the scoop on an upcoming port of Street Fighter IV likely soon to be released on the iPhone. It's being developed to play as similar as possible to the console versions.

The iPhone version of SFIV has been in the works for months, with its controls on the forefront of the development effort. Currently, it will use a virtual pad and buttons displayed on the screen, though they can be moved to different positions, have altered transparencies, and unique set-ups. SFIV iPhone will also have a practice mode, like the console version, to aid players in getting used to its controls. Could the iPad someday add a virtual arcade stick?

The art direction of SFIV iPhone is entirely similar to that of its big brothers, albeit with a little more pixelation. The only confirmed members of its roster are battling buddies Ken and Ryu, but Capcom assured IGN that it'll have both more classic characters and additions introduced in Street Fighter IV. The characters won't be dumbed down, and will have their complete move sets and ultras at the player's disposal. However, it's unknown if the cutscenes will still be strange as hell.

Street Fighter wouldn't be Street Fighter without a multiplayer mode, so iPhone owners will of course be able to dragon-punch and yoga-fire each other to death via Bluetooth. Street Fighter IV is currently planned for release on the iPhone in March, though pricing has not been announced yet.

(Image also via IGN)

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