Ohgren Available In Dragon Age: Awakening

| 3 Mar 2010 18:09

For the Awakening expansion to Dragon Age, BioWare said that one party member would be back from Origins and that character is ... Ohgren.

Hey, I like drunken dwarf berserkers as much as the next guy, but, really, BioWare? That's who you're bringing back? Sure, there were a few extra laughs when you played Dragon Age using Ohgren, and his mandatory quest line through the Deep Roads was entertaining at least. But I don't think anyone would call the tough little guy a "player favorite." If you were paying attention to the video introducing the character Sigrun, you could see Ohgren's burly body kicking Darkspawn ass but I don't think anyone anticipated that he'd be returning as a party member. Does that mean we won't see a return of Morrigan or Alistair to the party? We're stuck with a dwarf who hates the outside and is drunk more often than not?

It appears that Ohgren has gotten his act together a little bit for Awakening, due out on March 16th. This is pulled from the BioWare website:

Oghren of Orzammar is known throughout Ferelden for fighting alongside the Grey Warden who halted the fifth Blight. Some say Oghren was the hero's constant companion; others suggest he merely rode on the Warden's coattails. But the stories all agree on two important points: that Oghren is a beast on the battlefield, and that he can easily imbibe liquids that would fell lesser men. After the archdemon was defeated, Oghren settled down with his old flame Felsi and had a child. Those who know him say that he was truly happy, at least for a time. But Oghren is a warrior born and bred, and, as he is fond of saying, you can take a warrior out of the fight, but you can never take the fight out of the warrior.

Am I the only one who doesn't like this move? Do you know anyone who used Ohgren through to the end of the game? There were just so many better options out there like Sten or Shale. Perhaps that's why BioWare chose him, now that I think about it. An interesting character that was underused in the first game. Ok, if that's why, then maybe I'm on board.

But I don't have to use him.

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