Next Mass Effect Includes Halo 4 Writer on Team, New Races, Exploration


BioWare has started to reveal information on the next Mass Effect game, including the lead writer from Halo 4 and some teasers for the content, including new races, worlds, and choices.

Today BioWare both revealed the team leads on the upcoming Mass Effect and some new information on what to expect in the game. Notably, players will encounter new alien races, and former Halo writer Chris Schlerf has joined the team as the lead writer for the next Mass Effect.

This news comes on N7 Day, a fan holiday for Mass Effect. In a Twitch stream today, BioWare held an N7 Day roundtable to give fans some more information about the new Mass Effect and where it will go since the trilogy’s end. BioWare hinted the journey will be massive, focusing on exploration, but also quite personal as the hero will reach greatness. This is different from the beginning of the Mass Effect trilogy where Shepard was already fairly established from the start.

Players will encounter new alien races, exploring new worlds with unique architecture. Showing new concept art for the game, producer Fabrice Condominas said the emphasis on exploration “is not only about the geography. It’s really about discovering other species, human species and yourself.”

Schlerf, the lead writer on Halo 4, joined the franchise in November 2013. BioWare stated keeping Schlerf’s involvement in Mass Effect a secret has been incredibly difficult.

“Every day is a revelation and every day I get to play in a new corner of the universe,” Schlerf said. “To be able to look three steps ahead to, ‘Where does this take us and how does it add to the way we look at the Mass Effect trilogy?’ You couldn’t ask for a better playground.”

Schlerf described getting a role in the Mass Effect franchise as Christmas every day. He sees the Mass Effect universe as rich and robust, allowing him endless inspiration.

“As a writer, I write for characters,” Schlerf said. “To me, it’s always about what makes my characters tick and what stories I can tell through those characters that will actually engage people about their own lives. It provides a mirror to that player’s experience [so that they are] not just sitting back in an armchair.”

Other team leads include senior development director Chris Wynn, lead designer Ian Frazier, art director Joel MacMillan, creative director Mac Walters, producer Mike Gamble, and BioWare montreal studio director Yanick Roy.

BioWare added that the all-terrain vehicle, the Mako, will be in the game.

Developers plan to focus on current-generation consoles and PC for the release of this Mass Effect title.

Source: BioWare (Twitch), BioWare (blog)

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