Next Media Animation Explains The Xbox One


Taiwanese animators NMA have earned international acclaim for their bizarre yet apropos animations depicting important world events, and now the studio has set its sights on the Xbox One.

Whether or not you know “Next Media Animation” by name, you’ve likely seen their work. The studio is most often employed by major news organizations in China who require a simple visual aid to inform their viewers on major international events. To date NMA has covered assassinations, political coups, celebrity scandals and everything in between in what can only be described as the most baffling CGI animation this side of Netscape circa 1995. Now NMA has been tasked with explaining the Xbox One to the citizens of Hong Kong, and the results are suitably bizarre.

From the giant plug the console apparently ships with to the console’s unwillingness to ever be turned off, this video is almost certainly the best explanation of Microsoft’s next gaming machine that you’ll ever find. It’s not the most accurate, but for pure entertainment value we American gaming journalists just can’t compete with the brilliant, warped minds at NMA. I’ve said too much, you really must watch that video embedded at top-right. You’ll thank me later (then spend the rest of the day wondering why Chinese news organizations are so much more awesome than our own).

Source: YouTube

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