Nifty Halo: Reach Multiplayer Trailer Features Jetpacks


Our first look at the Halo: Reach multiplayer is here, and it just goes to prove the old axiom: Everything is better with jetpacks.

There are some people who are looking forward to the Halo: Reach single-player campaign for a story about humanity making a desperate last stand on the Covenant-besieged world of Reach (a last stand that we already know fails, what with the game being a prequel and all). But there are probably more people who are looking forward to Halo: Reach just for the game’s multiplayer – and those people should now be very happy, since Bungie has shot a brand-new multiplayer trailer over to G4.

Frankly speaking, it’s looking awesome so far. Well, it’s looking like more Halo so far (not a bad thing), but it’s definitely got some changes from the standard Halo 3 gameplay we’ve been living with for a few years now. There’s some SUPER FLASHY IMPORTANT TEXT on the screen mentioning new modes of gameplay without actually saying what they are, but some of the game’s new features speak for themselves, like the Assassinations and, of course, the jetpacks.

Jetpacks are awesome. We’ve known this since Tribes, and Halo taking a cue from Tribes is hardly a bad thing. If all the Spartans and Elites all strapped on jetpacks all the time, this would easily be the best Halo game ever just for the jetpack quotient (or JQ) alone.

This trailer is sure to get Halo fans worked into a frenzy for the game (like they weren’t already, psh), and make the two-month wait for the May 3rd multiplayer beta that much harder.

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