Nintendo Claims Developer Interest in 3DS Outstrips the Original DS


Developers have been very proactive in coming up with ideas for the 3DS, says Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata.

The 3DS can do pretty much everything the original DS could do, plus quite a bit more besides, and it would seem that publishers and developers are very excited about what they can do with the device. According to Iwata, interest in the 3DS exceeds the levels it hit leading up to the launch of the original DS in 2004.

Iwata said that whenever he travelled overseas, he would check in with the Nintendo subsidiaries to see what kind of conversations they were having with local publishers and developers about the 3DS. He found that everywhere he went, there was a lot of excitement about it, and people had a lot of ideas about how they could use the hardware.

He also thought there was a lot of interest from Hollywood, saying that studios might want to use the 3DS as a 3D movie player, and reiterated the point he made last month about the 3DS being the first 3D device to penetrate the mass market, way ahead of 3D capable TVs.

Of course, this interest might have something to do with the incredibly strong sales of the 3DS’s predecessor. With more than 100 million DS units sold – albeit across multiple hardware iterations – it’s an potential audience that’s difficult to ignore, especially when the 3DS has a killer selling point like glasses free 3D.

Source: CVG

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