Nintendo Committed to More Cross-Play Titles

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We may see more games that break down the boundaries between different platforms.

Nintendo is already working on games that support cross-play between the Wii U and the 3DS. In a statement, the company stated it remains committed to helping developers utilize cross-play, according to VG247. Nintendo will also work on games that use cross-play with game systems not made by Nintendo.

Pure Chess, a chess game with high-definition visuals, will have cross-play support with many platforms, including the PlayStation 3 and Vita, Nintendo confirmed. Nintendo had said previously it was interested in cross-play functionality for Pure Chess with Sony’s platforms, but Sony had not agreed to it until now.

Other games using cross-play are in the works, too. “We can confirm that Disney Infinity from Disney Interactive Studios, Cubeman 2 from Three Sprockets, and Pure Chess from Ripstone all have the ability to play on Nintendo systems while at the same time communicating with consumers using those same games on other systems,” a Nintendo representative said. “Additional games using this functionality are in development.”

Cross-play titles have become more frequent with mobile apps, but few of the titles have the functionality with rival consoles; Pure Chess will be the first. There’s no reason for walls between a Nintendo console, a mobile device, and a Sony console. Cross-play functionality will hopefully be something that more developers use. Seeing as how cross-play is being used between the PS3 or PS4 with the Vita or the Wii U with the 3DS to play a game on a console and then take it on the go, it will be interesting to see how the functionality will be used among competing platforms.

Source: VG247

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