Nintendo Crowns Dec. 14-15 National StreetPass Weekend


If you want StreetPasses, head to one of many Nintendo Zone locations this weekend.

Miis are going to mingle more than before this weekend during Nintendo’s National StreetPass weekend. Anyone accessing a Nintendo Zone location from Dec. 14 to 15 will be able to gain other 3DS users’ Mii and game data. The best part is that users will be able to StreetPass other users from around the country rather than only the ones nearby.

StreetPass allows 3DS users to add other 3DS users’ in their Mii Plaza. In the Mii Plaza, the user can exchange puzzle pieces and partake on a quest to rescue the royal family and fight monsters, as well as additional Mii Plaza games for purchase. Normally a user needs to pass within the vicinity of another for that person to be added to Mii Plaza. National StreetPass will allow users to StreetPass people not near them.

Nintendo Zones have StreetPass relay zones. When 3DS users are within a Nintendo Zone, their information is sent to Nintendo servers. The data is then passed to the next 3DS user in that Nintendo Zone. This gives users many more Miis in their plaza and can help in getting Miis from states across the country.

This will be a great feature for 3DS users who do not live in areas populated by many 3DS users. Many places such as Starbucks and McDonald’s have Nintendo Zones, so chances are you probably live near at least one Nintendo Zone. And don’t worry – StreetPassing others isn’t nearly as creepy as the Nintendo video makes it seem.

Source: Nintendo

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