Nintendo Offers Wii Internet Channel Free


Like so many used car dealers looking to move some 1985 Cadillac El Dorados, Nintendo has decided to add value to its Wii console by offering the Internet Channel for free.

Based on the Opera Internet Browser, the Wii Internet Channel allows Wii owners to surf the ‘net, watch YouTube videos and … who are we kidding? You can use it to stare at porn.

Right about this point all those Wii owners who purchased the Internet Channel for its previous price of 500 Wii Points are feeling a bit ticked that they wasted their hard earned cash.

Nintendo, realizing this might happen, has vowed to offer a free NES title from the Wii’s Virtual Console to anyone who already owns the Internet Channel.

According to Nintendo, those NES games should become available sometime in October.

While offering Wii owners access to the internet isn’t quite as tempting as the recent price cuts Sony and Microsoft have instituted on their respective consoles, it is something, right?

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