Nintendo Reveals US 3DS Pricing and Release Date

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The 3DS really is coming in March, but thankfully won’t cost you three hundred bucks.

After much anticipation, Nintendo has announced the price of its latest handheld gaming device, as well as when it will hit shelves in the US. Nintendo revealed how much the 3DS would cost in Japan back in September, but had said nothing about Western pricing until now.

The 3DS costs ¥25,000 in Japan, or $298, leading to concerns that the price might be rather steep. Fortunately, any fears that that the 3DS might cost nearly $300 can be set aside, as Nintendo says that the device will only set you back $250, which is the same as the Wii when it launched. The 3DS will launch in the US a month after its Japanese release, on March 27th.

Besides the price and release date, Nintendo also revealed lots of other details about the handheld. The happiest news is that Nintendo has vastly simplified the friend code system for the 3DS. Rather than have a different code for every game, as it was on the DS, each 3DS unit would have a single friend code for use across all games. What’s more, if you and a friend connect your devices via local wireless, the systems automatically share friend codes, without you having to do a thing. Other features include an enhanced internet browser, cameras, and a pedometer.

The handheld will arrive in the UK a couple of days ahead of the US release on March 25th, but the official price is yet to be revealed. Retailers are setting placeholder prices, but these vary wildly from £170 all the way up to £230.

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