Nintendo Seeks New IT Architect

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A job listing for an IT architect has been posted, following Nintendo’s post-Christmas struggle to maintain its online network.

Nintendo hasn’t been doing the greatest job maintaining its online Nintendo Network during this year’s holiday period, and it looks like the company has recognized the problem and is taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again, putting up a job listing seeking a new IT architect.

The job description says a successful applicant will “optimize systems design across technology areas for future flexibility, performance, multi-tier behaviors, capacity, and scalability.” In layman’s term “fix our servers so they can handle the Christmas influx.”

It all started with the Pokemon Bank. Following the release of Pokemon Bank in Japan, Nintendo’s network was slammed with both Japanese gamers trying to transfer Pokemon, and kids around the world, having just unwrapped their new Wii U’s and 3DS’s, connecting to the internet for a software update. It led to the US Pokemon Bank being eShop service for emergency maintenance.

While things seem to be stabilizing now, with the Wii, Wii U and DSi eShops having “intermittent” availability, the 3DS eShop is still completely offline until 4am ET. You can check out the status of all of Nintendo’s online services here.

We will update this article when full functionality has returned to all of Nintendo’s online services.

Source: Careers 2.0 via Game Informer

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