Nintendo Won’t Be Showing 3DS at Gamescom


Sorry, Europe: Nintendo doesn’t like you enough to show off its magical new handheld at the upcoming Gamescom event.

Ever since its formal unveiling at E3 2010, the Nintendo 3DS has been the proverbial belle of the ball. Virtually everyone who’s gotten a chance to get their hands on it has stepped away flabbergasted, from our own Greg Tito to Warren Spector to EA boss John Schappert. The trouble is, its core gimmick – the glasses-free 3D – by definition can’t be shown unless you’re holding it in the palm of your hand, which makes marketing it “tricky.”

So naturally, Nintendo will be bringing the 3DS to Cologne, Germany for Gamescom 2010 – Europe’s E3 equivalent and the world’s largest gaming trade show – to give all the Europeans who didn’t make it out to LA the chance see it for themselves, right?


Nintendo confirmed to CVG that it would not be bringing the 3DS to Cologne next week. Sorry, Europeans, guess you’ll have to wait a bit longer to check out the Big N’s new hotness.

Just so you know, an alternate headline I didn’t use for this story was “Nintendo Hates Europe.”

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