No Man’s Sky Developer Perseveres After Devastating Flood


Even after a devastating flood, Joe Danger developer Hello Games still managed to steal the show at E3 with No Man’s Sky.

A trailer for No Man’s Sky closed out the indie games portion of Sony’s E3 press conference. After the three and a half minute video, Hello Games’ Managing Director Sean Murray stepped out on stage to talk about his company’s game. Murray, visibly nervous, shared some of his team’s inspirations in science-fiction and art and what No Man’s Sky would deliver to PlayStation 4 owners when the game eventually released.

After E3, Murray sat down with Sony to share in detail how No Man’s Sky was conceptualized and what players can expect from it. In the video, posted on the PlayStation Blog today, Murray also discusses the studio’s first title and franchise, Joe Danger, as well as a flood that seriously damaged the Hello Games offices on Christmas Eve of last year.

Murray’s earnestness and excitement frames the video’s story about Hello Games and what ideas are going into No Man’s Sky. The video also offers some clarification on what players will do in the game besides explore the procedurally generated planets and travel through space.

Announced at VGX last December, No Man’s Sky is a science-fiction, space exploration game with worlds created procedurally. How Hello Games uses this concept is to create a massive galaxy filled with players exploring these planets. When a player joins the game for the first time, they are placed onto a world that is generated for them by the game (rather than something specifically designed by a developer).

Eventually, players leave their world to explore a galaxy populated by planets generated for other players. Space combat is a significant part of the players’ journeys, and according to Murray, story elements will motivate voyaging towards the center of the galaxy.

No Man’s Sky does not have a release date yet, but is planned to debut on PS4. Hello Games has not ruled out releasing on other platforms eventually.

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