Not-Quite Blue Man Plays Zelda Tunes on PVC Pipe


Take a trip through Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time‘s musical archives courtesy of a young man’s talent and his custom-built PVC instrument.

The music from Legend of Zelda is one of those things that brings gamers together. One might dislike the look of Link in Wind Waker or hate the time-rewinding mechanic from Majora’s Mask, but nobody dislikes the series’ music. Nobody. That’s why this Zelda music compilation video by a young man named Kent (snubbyj on YouTube) should also be universally beloved.

Kent doesn’t play on the violin or the piano though. He expresses himself through a totally custom PVC pipe keyboard/xylophone that he just calls a PVC pipe instrument. I personally think the Pipe-O-Phone is a bit snappier.

In the video, Kent works through 10 popular songs from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He starts with “Kokiri Forest” from the game’s opening and hits fan-favorites in the middle like the “Windmill” song and “Shooting Gallery,” but it’s at the end where Kent really works his magic.

For the last two songs, “Gerudo Valley” and the Legend of Zelda theme, Kent cuts the video together so two “Kents” are playing the upper-range and lower-range parts of the music. It might look like he has a twin, but it’s just visual trickery. The charming/creepy pauses to look up at the camera and the “other Kent” are a bonus. Sadly, he doesn’t focus purely on videogame music, but maybe he’ll throw gamers a bone again sometime in the future.

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