The latest video of Notch testing pre-alpha 0x10c includes sound and multiplayer.

While details have been few and far between regarding the actual content of Notch’s new project, 0x10c, Notch has shared plenty of details on the coding of the game. Earlier today, however, Notch posted a video on the official 0x10c blog of himself exploring the game’s multiplayer with working sound. The video includes what Notch calls a placeholder robot model for the eventual human characters. The new weapon placeholder notch announced last week is also included. In the test Notch interacts with what seems to be the generator and CPU, key features of the game. Compared to the very sparse preview posted previously, this one is full of life.

0x10c will be set in a far future where the space race never ended, but due to a 16-bit computer bug, some unlucky spacefarers from 1988 have slept until near the end of the universe. The near-dead universe will be filled with “remote galaxies forever lost to red shift, star formation long since ended, and massive black holes dominating the galaxy.” In the game, characters will apparently interact with the ship, which includes a generator and CPU. The ship’s Generator will produce a fixed amount of power, requiring players to manage the amount of resources they are trying to keep online at once. The ship will be controlled by a functioning 16-bit CPU that players interact with. Beyond this, little is known about what the actual gameplay will be like.

Source: Official 0x10c Blog

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