Oblivion Announced For PS3 And PSP


Bethesda has announced that Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will launch with the PS3 this November. The company has also revealed new details on a PSP version of the game.

Confirmed as a PS3 launch title, Oblivion will include a new faction unique to the console. According to the OPM, Knights of the Nine will be the “good Dark Brotherhood” and include a whole series of quests much like the Fighter and Mage Guild factions in the original version. “Oblivion has these really good character archetypes for evil,” says executive producer Todd Howard. “It has the Dark Brotherhood: You get your outfit, you feel like an assassin, you feel like an evil guy, [and] you role-play like an evil guy. We [didn’t] have the opposite end of that. There [was] very little reward for being a goody two-shoes.”

Bethesda has also announced Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion is due in Spring, 2007. According to OPM, it will be similar to the main version of the game, but it will take place in a new setting. Bethesda will discuss specifics about both games once the new Official Playstation Magazines hits shelves on October 10th.

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