Oculus Confirms Connect Developer Conference, RakNet Purchase

Oculus Connect 310x

Oculus Connect is in Los Angeles from September 19-20.

Oculus VR is starting up its own developer conference, and the inaugural event is coming to Los Angeles in September.

Oculus Connect is a developer conference “that brings together engineers, designers, and creatives from around the world to share and collaborate in the interest of creating the best virtual reality experiences possible.”

The event will be held at the Loews Hotel in Los Angeles on September 19th and 20th. The announced speaker list has several Oculus VR employees, including CEO Brendan Iribe, company Founder Palmer Luckey, id Softare Founder-turned-Oculus VR CTO John Carmack, and Chief Scientist Michael Abrash.

Along with showing the world VR titles, VR demos, and hopefully some software that goes beyond gaming, I’m hoping the conference offers the first glimpse at final retail hardware. The Development Kit 2 is starting to ship, but the consumer version has yet to be seen by press or the public.

In other Oculus VR news, RakNet has been acquired by the virtual reality firm for an undisclosed sum. RakNet is best known for networking middleware, which covers everything from pushing patches/updates to game players, to in-game voice chat, to game lobby creation. Unity is one of RakNet’s bigger customers, and the source code (pre-Oculus buy) was available for free to any game grossing under $100,000 (good news for the F2P/indie scene).

After finalizing the RakNet purchase, Oculus open-sourced the company’s software, which can now be found on GitHub.

Source: Oculus VR Blog

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