Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Moseys Onto PSN


The first/third-person shooter of the Oddworld franchise is coming back on the PlayStation Network in HD with added features.

Though the Oddworld series began as a side-scrolling adventure game that took place on a strange alien world and featured the gaseous Abe, it eventually branched out into a first/third-person shooter called Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath which starred a bounty hunter named Stranger for the original Xbox. Stranger’s Wrath is coming back as a download on the PlayStation Network thanks to developer Just Add Water, which is upgrading the game for the PS3.

Stranger’s Wrath was well received on the Xbox, so it’s a good choice for a remake on the PSN. One of the oddest aspects of the game is Stranger’s weapon, which is loaded up with different types of live critters that have different effects rather than having Stranger swap out weapons. Stranger’s goal is to kill and capture bounties to earn moolah (the game’s currency), used to upgrade his capabilities.

Just Add Water says the remake will be HD enhanced in 720p resolution. The graphics will be upgraded with more character detail, normal mapping, and self-shadowing, while the dialogue is also being remastered.

Unexpectedly, Just Add Water is adding support for PlayStation Move as well. Stewart Gilray of JAW says the remake is the “first project” in what he hopes will be a “long and fruitful relationship” with the franchise. The developer has been working closely with Oddworld creators Lorne Lanning and Sherry McKenna to keep it faithful to the original.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath will be released on the PlayStation Network around “Easter” 2011.

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