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Don Figueroa Packs Hundreds Of ‘Bots Into A Mega Litho!


Transfans everywhere,

To help celebrate OTFCC’s official twentieth anniversary show, Dreamwave’s Don Figueroa has created an insanely massive lithograph that has every single G1 TRANSFORMER, from ALPHA TRION to WRECK-GAR – plus a few surprises! This mega litho is packed with so many TRANSFORMERS it will take you hours just to check out every square inch of this magnum opus of ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! But words can only describe this masterpiece so much – you have to see this to believe it! So Dreamwave is giving all you hungry Transfans a few nibbles to whet your appetite: here’s the first of three previews – a small section of Don’s incredible pencils! As you can see this has been a labor of love for Don – we even had to make this one twice the size of our previous lithos, just to fit in all the G1 ‘bots! This truly is the collection piece for every AUTOBOT aficionado and DECEPTICON disciples out there, so look for two more previews in various stages of development in the weeks leading up OTFCC…

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Catch Dreamwave and artists Pat Lee, Rob Ruffs, Joe Ng, Alex Milne, James McDonough and Adam Patyk at this year’s OTFCC set for July 31 to August 1, in Chicago, Illinois. To check out more about this incredible convention full of all things Transformers, click on http://otfcc.com.

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