Oh, Japan: Boobs Used As Marketing For Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2


It’s no secret that Tecmo’s Team Ninja is a fan of *ahem* the female form – in particular the breasts – but this Japanese viral advertisement is just a bit … strange.

One look at any of girls in the modern Ninja Gaiden games or the Dead or Alive series will tell you all you need to know: Tomonobu Itagaki really likes boobs, and the games created by his Team Ninja reflect that. I still remember learning that DoA2 literally had an option to determine how “jubbly” the in-game jubblies would be.

Itagaki may have since left Team Ninja and Tecmo, but that philosophy lives on. An only-in-Japan viral ad campaign for the upcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, uses … well, a pair of tits. Not in the usual way, either – they aren’t just showing off the game’s big-busted ninja ladies in a “sex sells” campaign. No, this is literally just a pair of fake knockers mounted on a wall by the side of a road.

You can make out a pair of hands, too – obviously, there is a female ninja (or kunoichi) hiding in plain sight by holding up a sheet to blend in with the wall… or something. So those are supposed to be her ta-tas, and passers-by are invited to… feel them up?

I don’t even know anymore. The only indication whatsoever that this has anything to do with a videogame – let alone Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 in particular – is the game’s logo at the bottom right corner of the panel. Otherwise, this is just a … pair of breasts, on a wall, there for people to grope.

Let’s file this one under the “Oh, Japan” folder for now.

(Via Lazygamer)

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