Old School RPG Hits Bard’s Tale Notes


This Chaos Chronicles trailer evokes memories of long-ago D&D sessions.

If Chaos threatens, stick a fireball in it, is the message this Chaos Chronicles video seems to want to send. This old-school turn-based RPG evokes some fond D&D memories, and the developers have announced that it will be available via Steam; other platforms as well, if it can manage it.

“Please keep in mind that all materials shown in the trailer are still work in progress,” the developer asks, but for a work in progress it looks pretty fun. German developer Coreplay draws on its fond memories of games like Pool of Radiance and Bard’s Tale to make this fantasy saga.

We don’t know much about the plot or game world yet, but educated guessing can probably fill in a lot of the blanks. There will be elves, magic, orcs, undead, and many of the other fantasy tropes; plus, as the developer puts it, “the gaming experience that those excellent games already delivered back in those good ol’ days!”

No word on a release date; 2013 is the best the developer is prepared to do.

Source: PC Gamer

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