This week’s episode of commodoreHUSTLE, our ongoing sitcom dealing with the trials of an internet video troupe, deals with one real problem, and one totally insane one.

The real problem of shipping is a problem, but isn’t actually real. James was actually away for two weeks, but we had just moved our store so there wasn’t actually a giant backlog. As you see in the video, James drove directly from the airport to appear in the stinger, still sporting his vacation beard.

Despite a lack of LRR shipping, we had all the craft-along packages from Desert Bus in our shipping office, so they stood in as set dressing. Every package you see in the video is neither a T-shirt, nor a DVD, but something delightful to raise money for Child’s Play.

The fake problem in the video is, of course, Kathleen and Kate trying to become private detectives. This is not based on any real event, except that Kathleen wanted to write a video where she and a sidekick become private detectives and realize they are very bad at it. To keep both story lines moving along in a 6-minute video, Graham massaged the dialogue as it was written, so it flowed from scene to scene.

For for those of you asking: no, there is nothing wrong with ponytails, but can you imagine Cam with one? That’s just weird. He may or may not have had a ponytail in real life, that is for you to decide. Think of it as Schrodinger’s ponytail … it is both present, and non-present. Actually, wait, I guess it’s completely non-present, considering he doesn’t have one. That was a terrible analogy.


  • Our shipping problems, real or imaginary, are now all solved as Penny Arcade is handling our fancy new storefront.
  • This video featured the highest density of cats-to-humans of any episode so far! Thanks to Beej for sending in footage of Phoenix, for illustrative purposes. Now you all know what a Birman looks like.
  • Graham made a bit of a goof by using a commodoreHUSTLE DVD as the package he rips open, thereby somehow acknowledging cH, within the cH universe, and opening some kind of fictional-universe singularity. We’re going to pretend it never happened.


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