Oracle Provides Networking and Storage for Konami


Technology company Oracle teams up with Konami for online arcade game database storage.

Leading software technology corporation Oracle announced agreements with several entertainment companies and service providers to implement Oracle technologies to deliver media content and services including IPTV, internet networking and online gaming. Among the newly announced partnerships, alongside social networking website Bebo and Swiss telecom service Swisscom, is Game publisher Konami Digital Entertainment Co.

Konami has partnered with Oracle to utizlize its On Demand database service to manage subscriber information for its e-AMUSEMENT online service, a Japanese arcade game where subscribers play each other remotely via a network that also allows for downloadable content and nationwide rankings. Oracle will head the hosting, operating and management of e-AMUSEMENT with Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Real Application Clusters to record scores and rankings for millions of subscribers, helping Konami deliver a faster, more reliable product.

“Since the e-AMUSEMENT service is being expanded daily, we needed to upgrade our infrastructure to increase stability of the system and alleviate operation load. Oracle On Demand enables us to manage growing subscriber data and deliver fast, reliable scores and rankings to our gamers,” commented Mitsuhiro Masanobu, Vice General Manager, Project Solution Center, Konami Digital Entertainment. “In addition, by using a managed service, we have reduced operational costs while maintaining transparency that is necessary with an outsourced project.”

Lars Wahlstrom, vice president of communications at Oracle added, “Oracle is committed to helping media and entertainment companies and service providers leverage their brand and content to create new revenue streams. Our unique set of solutions provides companies with the flexibility and scalability to maximize the use of key media assets across the business and enable real-time rights, royalty payments and revenue management. Only Oracle offers modular end-to-end media and entertainment solutions from content creation through delivery and settlement.”

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