Origin Sale Takes a Jab at Steam

origin takes jab at steam

“70% off games you’ll actually play” boasts the latest Origin sale.

Anyone who’s used Steam knows about the glory that is Steam Sales – usually two or three times a year when a vast swath of the game client’s library goes on sale. It’s a time of great rejoice… unless you happen to have already been using Steam for quite some time, and your backlog is full of random indie games you have no intention of playing, but bought anyway because they were 90% off. The latest Origin sale is clearly taking a jab at this philosophy, boasting up to “70% off games you’ll actually play.”

“Your backlog can wait,” continues the ad, “These games are the real deal.” And indeed, some of the titles that are 70% off are ones that are definetly worth playing, such as Mirror’s Edge and Dragon Age for $4.50, and Mass Effect 3 and Dead Space 3 for $6.

Furthermore, if you took advantage of EA offering Battlefield 3 for free as part of its “On The House” program (which you still can, by the way), you can pick up some of its expansion packs for $3 a piece.

I might get some flack for going against the “hivemind” here, but between Origin’s no-questions-asked refund policy, the whole free game program, and a lot of other improvements the platform has made (such as the ability to stream your games straight to Twitch from the client), Origin is actually shaping up to be… quite a good service.

Never thought i’d say that.

Source: Origin via Kotaku

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