Own The Director’s Cut Of Captain America On DVD This May


If you can’t wait to watch Captain America fight the Red Skull, you’ll be able to buy the 1990 movie in less than two months.

It isn’t common knowledge, but this summer’s Captain America movie is actually the second time Steve Rogers has appeared on the silver screen. A long time ago (21 years, in fact), director Albert Pyun was drafted to make a film adaptation of Marvel’s iconic character, which has been widely-reviled by some and beloved as a B-movie by others. If that kind of movie sounds like your cup of tea, then good news: a director’s cut of Captain America is getting a DVD release come this May.

A little background: Captain America was originally supposed to be a big-budget film that would coincide with the character’s 50th anniversary. Unfortunately, the financial backers pulled out literally a few days before filming began. As a result, the movie was made for a budget of $10 million, and was generally considered terrible (though my neighbor and I wore out the VHS cassette when we got ahold of the copy in 1992).

However, Pyun, who has generated some pretty solid goodwill for his director’s cut of Cyborg (another guilty pleasure of mine), has revealed that his version of Captain America is getting released on DVD and Blu-ray in a couple of months. The release is presumably tied to July’s film, but it’s going to be a 124-minute version of the movie (as opposed to the original 97-minute version). The release will incude “a few added scenes, and is more character-oriented and less ‘super hero action,'” as well as a different soundtrack.

Admittedly, I probably won’t buy the movie when it’s released, but I can almost guarantee that I’ll rent it.

Source: io9

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