P. Craig Russell Shows Off His The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel


One of comics’ greatest living artists shows off his work on the hardcover version of Neil Gaiman adaptation. It looks spectacular.

Neil Gaiman’s 2008 macabre children’s novel The Graveyard Book is getting a very fancy two-volume graphic novel adaptation this summer, drawn by the incomparable P. Craig Russell. Should you care? Yes, if only because Russell is absolutely a contender for the best-living comics artist still working. I could make a long list, but I’ll suggest you read issue 50 of The Sandman and issue 50 of Lucifer if you haven’t already.

The Graveyard Book concerns the adventures of a young boy adopted by the ‘residents’ of a graveyard after his family is murdered, and follows him over a period of several years as he grows up. It’s not my favorite of Gaiman’s novels, but it is a great kid’s story and probably the best fit for his prose works to be adapted as a comic. I’m looking forward to it at least.

Whether you’ve read the book or not, watch the video above for a peek at PCR’s adaptation.

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