Pacific Rim Gets Tesla Coil Tribute


YouTube user ARC ATTACKMUSIC has created an electrifying version of the Pacific Rim theme song using Tesla coils.

Pacific Rim wasn’t the biggest hit of the year but for many moviegoers it left the biggest impact. In turn, there’s been no lack for fan tributes to the film running the gamut from LEGO dioramas to miracles of sound. Now, thanks to a video recently released by YouTuber ARC ATTACKMUSIC, you can add Tesla coil to the list of methods used to honor the film and all it accomplished (best use of a cargo ship ever).

The video shows off a unique performance of the Pacific Rim theme from the film’s soundtrack. Rather than using conventional instruments however, its creators used a pair of Tesla coils and a robot controlled drum set. The results are both really cool and fairly faithful to the actual song. Pacific Rim, of course, isn’t the first song to get the tesla coil treatment. Other cover tunes like The Final Countdown and the Inspector Gadget theme are equally nifty.

Somehow though, Pacific Rim just seems like a uniquely good fit for this kind of performance. That could, of course, just be our bias for giant robots talking, but we can say with some confidence that its our favorite out of the videos posted to ARC ATTACKMUSIC’s account. Give it a watch and let us know if you find it as electrifying as we do.

Source: YouTube

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