When Pandemic closed its doors on November 17, three of its employees decided there was only one appropriate response: one involving a baseball bat, a sledgehammer and a crowbar.

Three anonymous employees took a printer from the Pandemic offices out to a field and converted it into plastic shards and dust. They filmed the excursion and added an expletive-laden gangster rap soundtrack resulting in both a reference to the scene in Office Space, and a fitting tribute to the former employees of Pandemic Studios. Pandemic was founded in 1998 and created franchises like Destroy All Humans and Full Spectrum Warrior. Electronic Arts closed the doors at Pandemic last week.

The closing of a creative studio affects us all, and my heart goes out to the families of those who lost their jobs. But if there was a way to go out with a bang, these guys nailed it. With a crowbar.

And … feathers? Nice touch, fellas.

Via VG247

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