The future is cheesy, see-through.

Destiny is well into its release window now, with DLC a-flowing, and raid calls taking up a third of my Twitter feed. So naturally it’s the perfect time to release Sir Paul McCartney’s music video for the MMO-ish epic.

Called Hope for the Future, the video is…well it’s a music video, all right. But so is AC/DC’s latest audio/visual travesty (which is still the worst music video of 2014, I think).

Paul McCartney, singing his holographic heart out to a group of Guardians with The Traveler in the background. Generic shots of Destiny’s Guardian ships and landscapes are peppered in, too, while yet more Guardians sit around Ghost as it projects its own version of, well, VEVO or YouTube, I guess. Peter Dinklage must have been on a smoke break during the video presentation.

I don’t think any of us were expecting Bungie or Activision to hire Spike Jonze to direct Sir Paul in a Destiny music video, or get ILM to do the visual effects, but this is on the complete opposite end of the quality spectrum. If you’re going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a video game, why not give its official music video a budget that would lift it out of “Good Enough for 1999,” territory?

Source: YouTube

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