Persona 5 Shows Up on Sony Site

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Add this one to the pile of evidence of a new Persona game’s existence: a listing on a Sony website for Shoji Meguro, longtime Atlus composer, as producer of Persona 5.

This is starting to turn into a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 XBLA/PSN type of affair. Atlus has yet to announce a Persona sequel, but we all pretty much assume it’s going to happen, and at the rate at which rumors and evidence of the game pile up, every single time Atlus denies the game’s existence is going to make it seem more and more likely.

The newest piece of evidence is certainly the most interesting one yet (though certainly not as weird as a pachinko site leaking the news). A profile of longtime Atlus house composer Shoji Meguro on a Sony mobile PlayStation site gives him credits for a number of Atlus titles, including Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga, Persona 3 and 4, and…Persona 5.

Meguro’s listed as a producer for the game, which is interesting since he has yet to serve in a production role for a Persona game and is pretty much seen as the music man. That could be a typo. If it is, and the whole Persona 5 thing is another typo, well there’s two giant slip-ups on the part of whoever’s running this website.

So, Persona 5 confirmed? I’m not going to jump to that conclusion yet. Tokyo Game Show is next month, in any case, and if there’s anywhere to announce the game, it’ll be there.

[Via 1UP]
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