Perv on a Japanese Schoolgirl in Tekken Team’s Project Morpheus Demo


Well, the Tekken team has certainly made its audience clear…

Oh Japan. I mean, I’m sure that when VR first started gaining traction, people were wondering how they were going to find more… perverted uses of the technology, but you wouldn’t have thought Sony would use such a demo in its official, pre-Tokyo Games Show press conference? Well, that’s pretty much exactly what has happened, as the Tekken team has used the press conference to announce “Summer Lesson” – a Project Morpheus game where you perv on a Japanese school girl.

Summer Lesson puts the player in said school girl’s room, where players will interact with the girl… in some way. That’s about all the solid details we were able to ascertain from the short demo, but it had a very, very creepy voyeuristic feel about it, particularly when the player would get too close to the girl and she would pull back in discomfort.

The player is also shown nodding, or shaking their head, in response to the girl’s yes or no questions.

While it’s not explicitly explicit, it’s certainly somewhat… disappointing to see Sony appealing to such a base instinct, particularly with all that female representation in video games controversy flowing around the web recently.

The demo will be playable at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, which we will be attending, so we will be sure to update once we’ve gone hands (or eyes?) on with it.

Source: Sony

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