Peter Molyneux Discusses Fighting In Games


At Leipzeg, Peter Molyneux detailed a new fighting system he’d like to see in future games.

Speaking at the Leipzeg Game Conference, Peter Molyneux discussed a fighting system Lionhead has been working on, although Fable 2 will not be implementing the concepts. Molyneux discussed a design where all combat moves would use one button to trigger them based on what is near-to-hand for the player. Pressing the “A” button might grab a beer bottle and break it over an NPC’s head, or it might send the player swinging onto a chandelier for example. He also complained that sharp weapons are treated like blunt objects and expressed a desire to see them interact with the environment and actually kill enemies in one blow.

You can view the test footage Lionhead put together to show off the ideas here. Thanks 1Up.

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