Peter Molyneux Talks Fable 2 and Experimentation


Peter Molyneux, the designer of games from Populous to Black and White, spoke yesterday at the Game Developers Conference London in a lecture titled ‘Inspirations For Next-Generation Designs’ about expriments he may end up incorporating into Fable 2.

With the strong and necessary disclaimer that these are not features of Fable 2, but “experiments” that may be altered or cut completely, Molyneux went on to talk about the complete elimination of a UI. A goal of Molyneux’s since the first Black and White game, the veteran designer has a history of trying to keep the immersion factor as complete as possible.

Molyneux also talked about building a larger scope in the game, that feels more like a life fully lived in both the terms of the character, and the dynamically changing face of the world, as well as having long term results from a player’s actions.

Peter Molyneux has a reputation for being a visionary in game design theory, and has been criticized by some reviewers for his more recent efforts who have felt that those titles do not live up to the sometimes epic design elements promised during development. He is, however, also widely recognized as a visionary and the father of some of PC Gaming’s greatest titles to date.

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