Peter Molyneux’s Son Begs Valve for Half-Life 3 on Video


Lucas Molyneux really wants Half-Life 3. He really, really, really wants it.

Milo’s fate may be in doubt, but a flesh-and-blood counterpart is still around – Peter Molyneux’s son Lucas.

In the video above, Lucas delivers a very earnest message to the folks over at Valve, asking them to please hurry up and release Half-Life 3. No, not Episode 3, Half-Life 3. He’s rather understanding about the situation, though: “I’m really looking forward to Half-Life 3, but I know you’ve got Portal 2 and a load of other games on your hands,” he says.

“It’s been a long time that I’ve been waiting, but I’ve been trying to entertain myself with Portal and everything. I think you make really great games and stuff, and my dad does as well.”

Naturally, no father would ever miss a chance to embarrass his son on camera, and Peter Molyneux doesn’t disappoint, leaning into the picture and reminding viewers to buy Fable III instead of Half-Life 3 – much to the adorable consternation of Lucas. That shouldn’t be hard, Peter, since only one of those games actually exists in public.

It’s a silly video, but it’s kind of charming too, in a way. I mean, if nothing else it’s adorable that the kid thinks that there’s actually going to be a demo of the game sometime soon.

(Via VG247)

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