EA Sports President Peter Moore says the belief that EA Sports titles lack innovation is “one of the biggest misconceptions in the entire industry.”

Speaking in an interview with GameDaily, Moore, who left his previous position as a corporate vice president at Microsoft to join Electronic Arts, said he did so because the company has “innovated and been a leader for decades.”

“EA created a genre with the EA Sports brand,” he continued, “and when you look at how we established and then have consistently innovated in the sports category, it’s obvious that EA Sports has not ridden the wave; we’ve driven the wave.”

“Our games have become more and more complicated and complex, and we often get dogged for one of the biggest misconceptions in the entire industry – a lack of innovation year in and year out on annually iterated titles,” Moore said. “I bristle at time when I hear this, because nothing could be further from the truth.”

“Gameplay innovation will always be the bedrock upon which our brand is built. Our mission is to consistently make EA Sports games not only the most authentic, but also the most innovative games on the market.”

EA Sports recently released Madden NFL 2008, the 18th entry in the franchise which first launched in 1988 for the Commodore 64, Apple II and DOS.

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