Pitt Takes Charge in World War Z Trailer

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Brad Pitt puts on his best ‘reluctant hero’ face as he goes out to save World War Z from running zombies.

A new trailer is out for World War Z, the movie based on Max Brooks’ zombie apocalypse novel of the same name, and it’s pretty clear who’s the hero of this picture: Brad Pitt, in his best gee-I-don’t-wanna-but-okay mode. Clearly being separated from his family is a bit of a wrench, but thank goodness he’s around, otherwise we’d all be zombie burgers.

Brooks’ novel was adapted by Damon Lindelof (Cowboys vs Aliens, Lost), and Matthew Michael Carnahan (The Kingdom, Lions for Lambs), both of whom were brought on board to replace J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5). Pitt is pretty much the only cast member most people in the audience are going to know by name; the rest are more along the lines of “I know that face! What was the thing he was in?”

Pitt plays a UN employee with unnamed – at least in the trailer – special skills. The original script had him as an interviewer hopping from point to point and talking to survivors; the trailer focuses on Pitt’s action scenes.

Clearly it’s selling itself as a gung-ho guns blazing flick now. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to the audience, who’ll get to see the finished product in summer 2013. At one point Pitt and company were talking about turning World War Z into a trilogy in the end-times style of The Walking Dead, but presumably they’ll wait and see how the first one takes off before committing themselves to a franchise.

Source: Screenrant

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